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Dads Club

The Torrey Hills Dads Club is a subcommittee of the Torrey Hills PTA and was set up to promote the involvement of Dads and others in our children’s lives at Torrey Hills School.  Although our club name says “Dads” we welcome all family members to attend and participate in Dads Club events.  If you have a child at Torrey Hills, you are invited to attend and participate in any of our special events and meetings.

Dads Club sponsors several lunches throughout the year, plus a few special events.  Again this year, we will have our very popular Father/Daughter Dance in March 2014.  We will also host an overnight campout and movie night on the field at Torrey Hills School.   Then, on the last week of school, we will organize “Field Day”, where all students participate in a variety of fun outdoor challenges. 

Dads Club also works closely with the Torrey Hills PTA to help staff and facilitate a variety of PTA events throughout the year.  If you have suggestions for other fun events, please let us know.  We are particularly interested in hosting a suitable Father/Son event this year to balance out the successful Father/Daughter dance we have been hosting for the past few years.

For the 2017-2018 school year, we are looking for a very mighty Dad to head up Dads Club; If you would like to learn more or may be interested in chairing this committee, please let us know at

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