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Drop off instructions

Torrey Hills School Drop Off

Each morning parent volunteer “valets” are at the upper and lower drop-off zones to assist you as you drop off your children. Your cooperation with the valets is appreciated and expected to ensure your child’s safety and to expedite the drop-off process. We have a lot of kids to unload in a short period of time. It is a very busy 18 minutes before the start of school at 8:00 a.m. Please help expedite the process by following the    instructions below:

General Instructions for Everyone

  • Have backpacks zipped up and ready to go
  • Your child should be finished with all breakfast foods before you pull into the drop-off lane
  • If possible, place backpacks in the front passenger seat or floor; this way the valets can quickly remove them while the children can pay attention to safely exiting the car. Please do not place the backpacks in the trunk; doing so puts the valets and your children in possible danger as they stand behind your car and in front of the next car moving into position to unload its passengers
  • Pull forward as far as possible, staying in a single line to the right
  • Drivers--Please do NOT get out of your vehicle. To do so is both unsafe and very time consuming
  • Keep your good-byes short
  • Please pay attention to the car in front of you. We have had near rear-end collisions

Lower Drop-Off Zone, Grades K-3 rd (in front of the main office)

  • Stay in a single file line next to the right curb. Even if you have finished dropping off your child, please stay in line. Do not pull around the car in front of you
  • Kids should exit the car only from the passenger, ie: curb side
  • Try to place toddler car seats on the driver’s side of the car; this way students unloading from the passenger side don’t have to crawl over the toddler seat to get out
  • On exiting the lower drop-off zone, make a RIGHT turn ONLY
  • If you want to walk to class together, proceed into the parking lot and find a parking space
  • Afternoon pickup is very busy. Drivers enter the drop off/pick up lane by forming a line along the westbound side of Call Mar de Mariposa and turning right into the school drive

Parking Lot

  • The main lot wraps around the southeast end of the school with 75 parking spaces and is much bigger than it appears from its entry point
  • To enter the main lot, take the first or left lane as you enter the school lot in front of the office, so that the island with the tall palm trees is on your right
  • Proceed to the end of the island, STOP at the end of the island
  • LOOK to your right for a break in the line of cars that have just finished dropping off children
  • LOOK right and left for pedestrians crossing in the crosswalk directly in front of you
  • Proceed slowly into the parking lot
  • Do NOT double-park, especially to unload kindergartners
  • Do NOT use the handicapped parking spaces as your own personal drop-off zone. Please note, unless you have handicapped plates, it is not only illegal to park to unload in these spaces, but doing so effectively creates a traffic chokepoint that stalls the entire drop-off process and endangers pedestrians using the crosswalk across the entry to the parking lot

Upper Drop-Off Zone, 4th - 6th Grades (in front of grades 4th - 6th classrooms)

  • Stay in a single line to the right
  • Pull as far forward as possible to get more vehicles off the street and into the unloading process
  • Do not PARK in or UNLOAD from the drive-through lane, on your left, closest to the street
  • After unloading, LOOK and STOP for pedestrians and bicyclists on the sidewalk next to the street who must cross the exit from the upper zone to the street
  • Both RIGHT and LEFT turns are permitted from the upper drop-off zone

The valets volunteer help the school, our kids and the drivers, and we have a lot of fun in the process. If you can give us 15 to 20 minutes, even one day a week, we would love to have you join us! Contact the school office for more information.